We are the Air & Auto Center

Business Model

The Board of Directors intends to establish an education center to teach hands-on technical skills to school-aged students in a fun and friendly environment. The center will also feature a high interest aviation and auto museum patterned on that of the Auto and Technik Museum of Sinsheim, Germany.

Funding for the education center will come largely through educational grants, while the museum will follow the Sinsheim model and be established by aviation, automobile, and history enthusiasts using the minimum of government funding and professional curatorial staffing. The exhibits are nearly 100% given, or loaned, by local enthusiasts, and often rotated in and out of the collection. The ever-changing exhibitions serve to promote frequent visitor returns, and also dramatically reduces curatorial expenses (owners maintain their own exhibits.)

An education center and museum are a natural pairing as one helps feed the other. The Board of Directors of this group has a very strong background in education, and notably, in creating effective and successful “hands on” educational opportunities that students enjoy.

The goal of the Board of Directors is to acquire a suitable building, and then seek long term loans of aircraft, automobiles, military artifacts, and other items of historical interest. The museum will largely be run by volunteers who will be guided by the smallest possible paid administrative staff.

The funding for the museum will be marginally from the gate receipts, but the goal is to build a sufficient endowment so as not to be dependent on ticket sales.