These collections will be rotated on and off exhibit.

  • Piedmont Airlines exhibit with DC-3 Airplane
  • Z. Smith Reynolds – Wings of Adventure exhibit – possible Savoia Marchetti S-56 Aircraft
  • George Preddy exhibit – area native, leading P-51 Mustang ACE of WWII – P-51 Aircraft
  • B-25 Pilots & Squadrons of the Doolittle Raid and their connection to Winston-Salem.
  • B-25 Bomber Aircraft Display
  • General Steve Richie- area native, USAir Force Ace Vietnam War – F-4 Phantom Aircraft
  • Tom Davis exhibit – possible aircraft – Taylor Cub, 737 & DC-3 in Piedmont Airlines livery
  • Winston-Salem Aviation events exhibit – Charles Lindbergh visit, National Air Tour, etc.
  • Lafayette Escadrille – Kiffin Rockwell of Asheville NC was an early aviator who was the first American to ever shoot down an enemy aircraft in combat.
  • Air Power of NC – Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point / New River exhibits and aircraft – AV-8 Harrier, A-10 Warthog & F-15 Eagle
  • World War I Ace Robert Lindsay of Rockingham County
  • Wright Brothers Flights at Kitty Hawk
  • James R. McConnell of Carthage NC flew with the Lafayette Escadrille
  • Model – 1903 Wright Flyer – Mans first powered flight at Kitty Hawk NC
  • Vintage and Antique aircraft from many eras will be represented
  • Various Military Aircraft retired or soon to be retired that can be flown to Winston upon retiring from service, or procured from the aircraft maintenance and regeneration center (AMARC) in Arizona


The aviation and auto museum will be patterned on that of the Auto und Technik Museum of Sinsheim, Germany.

The board will follow the Sinsheim model and be established by aviation, automobile, and history enthusiasts using the minimum of government funding and professional curatorial staffing. The exhibits are nearly 100% given, or loaned, by local enthusiasts, and often rotated in and out of the collection. The ever-changing exhibitions serve to promote frequent visitor returns, and also dramatically reduces curatorial expenses (owners maintain their own exhibits.) The museum will largely be run by volunteers who will be guided by the smallest possible paid administrative staff. The Board has already contacted leading figures in North Carolina’s antique and rare car community and they have expressed a strong interest in supporting a Sinsheim-like museum.

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